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Dix Performance North, P&E Distributing and other Automotive Aftermarket WD Leaders Launch Sponsored Programs of DCi’s eStore Starter Service for Jobbers


Gigi Ho


Gigi Ho



Dix Performance North, P&E Distributing and other Automotive Aftermarket WD Leaders Launch Sponsored Programs of DCi’s eStore Starter Service for Jobbers

Des Moines, IA – Dix Performance North, a premier wholesale distributor of hi-performance parts and accessories in Western Canada, and P&E Distributors, one of the largest wholesale distributors in southern United States, were the first in their respective countries to launch WD sponsored programs of DCi’s eStore Starter service for their customers.

eStore Starter, a new service by DCi, is a low-cost, turnkey website for brick-and-mortar automotive shops to raise their profiles in their local markets. The service is pre-populated with products from industry leading brands, and comes complete with a robust product search and connectivity to multiple social media platforms. Jobbers and dealers launching a WD Sponsored eStore Starter service will have the additional confidence that availability and support is being provided to them by their sponsoring WD.

“We know our customers have been struggling to compete at the local level against their online rivals. This a no-brainer, inexpensive way for them to put themselves in the online game with a website that looks and has the functionality just like the ‘big guys’ sites,” said Donnie Eatherly, President of P&E Distributing.

John Bell, Executive Vice President of Dix Performance North, added, "The eStore Starter program provides our customers a cost effective way to offer a functioning presence online that will complement their brick and mortar operation."

Other industry leading distributors who have also taken the initiative to launch DCI’s eStore Starter service for their network of customers include Midwest Wheel Companies, Alamo Auto Supply, National Performance Warehouse and its Speed Warehouse and Karbelt hubs, and CTP Custom Truck & Parts Inc.

Larry Pacey, CEO of National Performance Warehouse, said, “This is a chance for the ‘little guys’ in our industry to have a web presence without having to spend thousands of dollars. They can be competitive in their local market and get customers to walk through their doors.”

Shawn Landsman, General Manager of CTP, said, “We are very excited to be a part of the new eStore Starter program. There will be a tremendous benefit to the industry as more people begin to get online, promoting and increasing exposure for aftermarket performance parts and accessories. This program features a high-end parts look up, and eliminates the high costs typically associated with launching a custom website. For a very low cost per month, the power and exposure the eStore Starter program will offer to our jobber customers is very significant.”

Landsman concluded, “More importantly this should aid in driving more consumer traffic through the front doors of our jobber customers’ locations.”

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