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What are Online Shoppers Searching for in 2018?



Incredibly, the first 1/4 of 2018 is nearly in the books!

As you know, we have thousands of users on our CatalogRack, eStore and Enterprise eB2B solutions, and every day we compile the number of searches gathered from those sites. These search, or demand reports, are available to our manufacturer customers to review activity on their own products. We believe it is an interesting way to look at the activity as a whole for our Performance & Accessories segment of the industry.

So, what have online shoppers been searching so far this year?
Top Performance Categories

  1. Exhaust
  2. Suspension Components
  3. Brakes
  4. Ignition
  5. Suspension Lift Kit
  6. Transmission and Transaxle-Manual
  7. Air Intakes and Components
  8. Shock and Strut
  9. Air/Fuel Delivery
  10. Engine

Top Accessories Categories

  1. Bumper
  2. Bull Bar/Brush Guard/Grille Guard
  3. Truck Bed Accessories
  4. Tonneau Cover
  5. Floor Mat
  6. Exterior Lighting
  7. Side Steps and Nerf Bars
  8. Towing
  9. Running Board
  10. Window and Sunroof Visors

What does it look like broken down regionally? Obviously, the United States is the highest ranking in search volume - mostly because of where we're based, and what vehicles we manage sourced from the Auto Car Association's vehicle database (VCdb from the ACES standard).

Search volumes appear as noted below when breaking the US into main regions and splitting the larger southern states into two regions, South Eastern and South Central:

Rankings of Regions based on Search Volume

  1. Western US
  2. South Eastern US
  3. South Central US
  4. Midwestern US
  5. Northeastern US

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